- we DO offer guaranty of defective items bought in less than a month. you MUST have the receipt.

- we reserve the right to deny unreasonable repairs, returns and exchanges

- we are not responsible for mis-measuring from the customer

-shipping will not be returned on refunded orders


Usually our jewelry is the kind of jewelry people don't take off. Depending of life style and care your piece can last for a really long time or not. we make sure each piece is carefully made and that's why we do not offer free repairs after one month.

 we DO NOT make free repairs on items damaged by regular wear and tear of life

-we do offer a flat rate for repair 

  1. string for bracelets $10  (you can choose any string color)

  2. sterling chain $15-$25 depending of the design  and the length.

     shipping cost is not included. 


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