Dainty word charm earring


  • Image of Dainty word charm earring

Made in sterling silver

Please write word (maximum 8 letters) on notes at check out

Time to make 5-10 business days

Shipping time 3-5 business days

Image of Gemstone thread earring
Gemstone thread earring
Image of Single Thread earring
Single Thread earring
Image of Single charm earring
Single charm earring
Image of Single Evil eye stud
Single Evil eye stud
Image of Single free form stud
Single free form stud
Image of Single star stud
Single star stud
Image of Double small earring
Double small earring
Image of Double cz earring
Double cz earring
Image of Single unique stud
Single unique stud
Image of Single Plant stud
Single Plant stud
Image of Single earring
Single earring
Image of Single Love stud
Single Love stud
Image of single long earring
Sold out
single long earring
Image of Free form earring pair
Free form earring pair
Image of Star double thread earring
Star double thread earring
Image of Double thread earring
Double thread earring
Image of Gemstones thread earring
Gemstones thread earring
Image of small circle earring
small circle earring
Image of single zig zag chain earring
single zig zag chain earring
Image of Custom Ear cuff
Sold out
Custom Ear cuff
Image of Dainty gold chain and bar single earring
Dainty gold chain and bar single earring
Image of Word gold stud
Word gold stud
Image of tiny necklace for earring
tiny necklace for earring
Image of bar and chain earring
bar and chain earring
Image of single star thread earring
single star thread earring
Image of word stud
word stud
Image of evil eye stud
evil eye stud
Image of infinity stud
infinity stud
Image of bee stud
bee stud
Image of Full moon stud
Full moon stud
Image of Hearts single thread earring
Hearts single thread earring
Image of evil eye single earring
evil eye single earring
Image of Tiny charm and chain earring
Tiny charm and chain earring
Image of Tiny block stud
Tiny block stud
Image of Tiny heart earring
Tiny heart earring
Image of Single chain earring
Single chain earring
Image of Circle and dot earring
Circle and dot earring
Image of Delica earring accessory
Delica earring accessory
Image of Heart balloon earrings
Heart balloon earrings
Image of Single charm and stone earring
Single charm and stone earring
Image of Single Heart chain earring
Single Heart chain earring
Image of Recycled galaxy single earring
Recycled galaxy single earring
Image of heart earrings
heart earrings
Image of earring accesory
earring accesory
Image of florida stud
florida stud
Image of single eye earring
single eye earring
Image of single custom stud
single custom stud
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